March 10, 2023 interactivemedia_ed

Lucy Fleming

Class of 2022 

Before IM: I went to Coleraine Girls High School then Coleraine Grammar School, where I did Art, Media Studies and ICT for my A Levels!

After IM: I’m now currently working at BBC NI as a Creative.

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My Interactive Media course


There was a lot of group bonding as we have access to an Interactive Media space called The Agency which as a class we spent many a night in working on our design work in (and occasionally bringing sleeping bags ordering late night pizzas!).

Year 1

Motion Graphics was something I’d never done before! Having our work posted online as part of our submission led me to be contacted by an international film festival who featured my work! I was absolutely delighted and honestly in shock!

Placement Year

Knowing that this degree has such a varied and high quality level of skill helped me to advocate for myself and my work, leading me to work on a major motion graphic project on Placement and honestly it was wonderful to take the theory from an educational setting and give it some real world context!

Final Year

I developed a mental health resource platform called ‘Heads Fried’, as I felt that resources available at the time were very medical and clinical, so I took a brighter, bolder, more colourful approach and build a working prototype which in the end helped get me a 1st class degree! I’ve taken it beyond University and am currently working developing the platform further, something that would have never been possible with the support and advice received from my lecturers through my time at IM!