March 24, 2023 Ellen Bell

Georgia Davies

Class of 2021 

Before IM:Before university, I attended New-Bridge Integrated College. During my A Levels I studied English Literature, Media Studies and Software Systems Development.

After IM: I am currently working as a Graphic Designer for Icon Creative, an agency based in Lisburn.

My Interactive Media course

The IM Course

Choosing to apply for Interactive Media was probably one of the best decisions I could have made at 17 years old. The amount of content the course covers over the three years really allows you to go in any direction once you’ve graduated. As we cover everything from graphic design to AR and VR, you really become such a well rounded creative at the end of everything. 

Year 1

In first year, I was able to build a really good foundation to learn from. Motion graphics was definitely a newer skill for me, but I loved that we had creative freedom when choosing what audio to work with. 

Placement Year

I was lucky enough to get a placement with BBC News NI. During this placement, I learnt how crucial time management is when in the workplace. The varying stories every day that required graphics kept me in my toes, which I really enjoyed. 

Final Year

My favourite project / module that we did was definitely my final project for the end of year show. Our final year was exclusively online due to COVID, so this taught me to be self sufficient. During this project, I created an AR project that allowed users to preview books in a real space. IM equipped me with the skills to go as far with this project as I could. If I could’ve seen my final project when I was in first year, there’s no way I would’ve believed I was capable of creating something like that. I was awarded a first in my degree and I owe it to the lecturers that guided me through the course and took the time to sit with me when I needed some encouragement!