March 24, 2023 Ellen Bell

Emily Treanor

Class of 2019 

Before IM: I went to Beech Hill College, where I studied Art History, History, French and Biology for my Leaving Cert.

After IM: I am currently a Marketing and Business Development Officer at loyalBe!

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My Interactive Media course


As the course has such a small intake and due to the integration of group work across modules it didn’t take long to bond with the rest of the group. 

Course Experience

As someone who wasn’t sure what they wanted to be when they grow up (I still don’t) and who had no experience with design or tech, but knew they wanted to pursue a creative career, IM was a great first stepping stone for me. 

The course is completely accessible to someone with no prior experience.

What I loved about the course was that it gives students the opportunity to learn in a supportive and tight-knit environment. 

The varied modules allow you to find your niche and explore a wide range of media and mediums.

Stand out moment

The stand-out moment for me was a final-year module which required us to create a business plan. I submitted my business plan as an entry to UUSU Shark Tank and managed to find myself in the final. 

Although I didn’t win, this led me to complete a placement with The Graduate Leadership Program in Marketing from which I have never looked back! I have since completed a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Business Development. Allowing me to combine these skills with the skills I learned in IM and ultimately leading to my current career! 

After IM

There have definitely been bumps in the road but the teaching I experienced at IM has armed me with the resilience and problem-solving skills to navigate a successful career. 

I now work in the fintech industry marketing and pitching loyalBe to global brands across a range of sectors.