March 28, 2023 interactivemedia_ed

Catherine Morren

Class of 2020 

Before IM: I attended Belfast Metropolitan College for two years where I completed my Higher National Diploma in Computing & Systems Development.

After IM: I am currently working as a Digital Designer at SugarProjects, a small creative agency based in Enniskillen.

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My Interactive Media course


I would totally recommend this course to anyone who is interested in any form of design or media. The course offers a wide range of modules which allows you explore different types of media/mediums and allows you to develop skills in, camera/film, graphic design, animation, web design and AR to name a few. By gaining these skills it showed me how important they are and how by having a range of skills they can be applied within many roles in the creative media sector.

Favourite Module

My other favourite module that I did was my final project for the end of year show. Even though at the time this module was moved online due to COVID and the module was adapted to showcase a proposed solution, which I investigated how the combination of photography and augmented reality can be used effectively in exploring the representations of mental health. This module taught me to be more independent and having confidence with my skillset especially in a time of uncertainty. Also, having the continuous support from our lecturers was beneficial at this time.

Creative Spaces

During my time in university, I loved that we had access to creative spaces such as the Agency and the breakoff rooms. I found these very useful as it created an environment that allowed you to be creative and focus on group projects and other assignments in such a fun space. Throughout my time at university, I have formed valuable connections and gained some lifelong friends along the way.

Final Year

During my final year, as part of the module ‘Interactivity for Social Enterprise’ we worked alongside the Science Shop and our community partner to create a new visual identity alongside other deliverables. This was one of my favourite modules as I was able to showcase my organisational and management skills in guiding the process forward. I also gained many skills along the way and learnt the importance of working as part of a team to resolve the brief.