March 24, 2023 interactivemedia_ed

Andy Reid

Class of 2021 

Before IM: Before coming to UU, I went to Friends School Lisburn where I studied Technology, History and Religious Studies! I then studied Theology for a year before interning in a Youth Organisation as a designer. It was here that I realised how little I knew about design and media – which pushed me to join the IM course!

After IM: Looking back, I have so much to be thankful to IM for. During my time at University, I was recruited by a local Agency called Rapid and began working part time in my final year of studies. I stayed at Rapid after graduating as a web designer for 1.5 years before transitioning into a UX Designer role at the BBC, where I am currently!

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My Interactive Media course

Course Structure

The course was designed in a way that we could pursue our own passions within the media and design sectors. I initially had little clue what I wanted to do, but I knew that I enjoyed designing. Throughout the course, these interests transitioned into sought-after skills and I was able to discover where my career path could lead.

Latest Tech!

One aspect which hooked me initially about the IM course was the emphasis put on utilising the latest technologies. While I understand the career appeal of this, I was honestly just excited to get the opportunity to fly a drone and play with VR headsets in my free time. This element of the course did not disappoint – however my wife does wish I’d stop talking about drones now!

Passion filled Lecturers

It’s fair to say that the IM staff know what they are talking about and are some of the best minds about, as I found myself countless times in their offices talking about their own side projects within the media, tech and design sectors. The passion felt from them about the course and the wider spheres of industry was contagious, giving myself and other friends the push to keep going when assignments inevitably got tougher, as we always knew the work would pay off!

Do Your Placement!

With the mindset that I was going to University to ultimately get a job in something that I cared about – the optional Placement year in IM was an important reason why I joined, as I wanted to know what working in a real Agency felt like. The skills taught in the first two years of this course equipped me to get my foot in the door at an Agency in Belfast, where I was then able to continue developing my skills and passions – as well as make some actual money!